Newon is an online lighting company working mainly in Pakistan. We not only provide quality lighting products but also provide services to design, build, maintain, electrical and lighting systems. We offer commercial lighting services and serve retail, industrial and government sectors. Lighting assessments, LED upgrades, lighting repair and outdoor lighting maintenance are our specialty.

Lighting and electrical services: Our team is well capable of installing and maintaining all types of electrical equipment including but not limited to panel boards, breakers, switches, fuses, contactors, exit lights, emergency lights, air compressors, lights, fans, motors, smoke detectors, signs, and heaters. Our experienced team can build out your space to fit your needs. We have provided services to malls, super markets, commercial spaces, public spaces, houses and restaurants etc.ServicesInterior lighting installation and maintenanceOutdoor wiring and lighting installation Lighting designSecurity and Emergency lighting, including battery back-up systems.

Renovation and repairing services: If you are doing a renovation projects, we focus on helping you to manage the process of obtaining the right products for the right projects. We can also provide you repairing services. We will conduct lighting inspection, and will provide repair and upgrades if needed.