Facades are the principal front of the building or the front facing exterior sides of the building. A boring building is transformed into a real eye-catcher by using facade lights as it highlights the architecture and puts emphasis on key building. There are many different facade lights available in market such as linear led lights, wall washers and flood lights and pixel led etc.

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AC220V Waterproof cob led strip light


Addressable RGBW led linear light


Addressable RGBW led pixel light


Dmx512 controlled RGBW led wall washer


Led 510 main controller


Led beam spot light


Led dmx sub controller 408


Led linear outdoor facade light


Led linear pixel facade light in warm/cool white and rgb color

 4,050 4,600

Led linear wall washer light


Led rgb addressable pixel light


Modern led waterproof window light


Outdoor waterproof power supply

 2,500 4,500

RGBW led flood light


RGBW Led flood light dmx512 for building facade

 20,000 80,000

Silicon flexible profile for led strip light

 500 1,500

Silicon led light flexible recessed diffuser duct