Installation of infinity mirror 3D floor light stage at a local restaurant-TKR in PAKISTAN

An infinity mirror is created by taking a light strip and sandwiching it between two mirrors, causing light to bounce back and forth. The light bouncing back and forth is what creates the infinity effect!

Client want to make a 3D effect stage for live performances. As we had the experience of making infinity mirror so he approached us for the job. We visited the site and made a plan how to do it. It was a little difficult than the mirrors on the wall as stage need to withstand load of people. But anyhow we have taken this responsibility and make it happen. Thumbs up to the whole team that all is done well.

Here we have documented some important points below;

Frame structure

1) Iron frame structure: Structural frame of the stage consists of two sizes 1*1 and 1/2 inches square pipes.

12mm tempered glass

3mm one sided mirror

2) Mirrors: Two type of glass mirrors has been used; one way mirror of 3mm and two way mirror of tempered glass 12mm. 12mm tempered glass is converted into two way mirror by installing a two way mirror film.

Pixel led strip

3) Led strip, power supply and controller: DC12V SPI RGB LED Pixel Strip has been used. As the stage is in open air so the IP rating of led strip used is IP65. Waterproof power supplies of 12V 100A and a music controller has been used.

Data diagram

4) Data diagram:  74 boxes of equal size of 60*60cm at centre while 7 longitudinal  boxes at sides has been made as per the area of the site. Led strip has been installed in each box.  Data wiring has been shown in the picture. All the data and power wiring runs inside the structural piping of stage.

Before front glass installation

Final look

5) Fixing of front glass: The final step is to fix the two way 12mm tempered glass. Before the two way mirror installation effect was not completed as shown in the picture. After fixing the front glass-two way mirror it gives 3D infinity effect.

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