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(All-in-one water flow effect kit) 10M/Roll Chasing Effect WS2811 Pixels 24V SMD 5050 LED Strip Light Single Colour Addressable with Bluetooth Controller with control panel and Power Supply


1000W high mast led stadium light


12V Fibre optic star ceiling light kit for car


2*2 led panel


220V AC led strip 2835-8mm-120D


220V double row 5730 120 LEDs Waterproof rope light


3-in-1 lamp with wireless charger & Bluetooth speaker


360 Degree Round LED neon rope light


45 degree V-shaped surface mounted Aluminium profile for corners


60W led moving head beam light


AC220V Waterproof cob led strip light


Addressable RGBW led linear light


Addressable RGBW led pixel light


Addressable Running Water 24V 2835 LED Strip 120D


Alien starry sky night projection lamp with voice interaction feature

All-in-one solar street light


All-in-one solar street light Aluminium body


All-in-one solar street light SSL-50


All-in-one solar street light-SSL10


All-in-one solar street light-Tritan


All-in-three solar street light


All-in-two solar street light SSL- 50

 17,000 25,000

All-in-two solar street light SSL-A70


All-in-two solar street light-Heliox

 90,000 130,000

All-in-two solar street light-SSL12


Best quality led street light-P100

 25,000 45,000

Car symphony atmosphere light


Classic Street Light Post Garden Outdoor Lighting Pole And Post


Cob led movable recessed downlight

 370 1,300

Cob led strip for indoor use


Cob led track light

 1,750 3,500

Colorful led cobblestone solar garden light


Compact In-Ground/In-Wall LED Light


Crystal small waist humidifier with colorful lights


Diamond metal pendant light


Dmx512 controlled RGBW led wall washer


Double CCT 2in1 warm white + cool white led strip light


Dual colour RF touch remote control controller


E27 screw ST64 shaped vintage Edison bulb


Fibre optic and crystals spiral shaped hanging chandelier


Fibre Optic Cascades, Showers & Curtains

 60,000 90,000

Fibre optic mesh lighting

 35,000 60,000

Fibre optic swimming pool lighting kit


full color addressable ws2818 dual signal Pixel RGB 5050 LED Strip 20pixels/m 60 Leds/m


Full color laser party light


Gold finished metal pendant


Golden round leaf luxury decorative chandelier


Good quality cob led street light 50|100|150|200W

 5,000 18,000

Hanging candle lantern


Hanging traditional lantern


Hanging Vintage Edison industrial lamp holder


High efficiency smart led power supply

 2,500 4,500

High mast light/Stadium light/Golf course light


Holographic fan


Infinity led mirror light


K-shaped led outdoor wall light


Led 510 main controller


Led batten light


Led beam spot light


Led bollard light


Led bollard light-Centoro


Led bollard light-Recta


Led buried outdoor garden walkway light


Led dmx sub controller 408


LED eight eye laser beam Moving Head Light


Led fibre optic star ceiling light

 50,000 80,000

Led filament oversized bulb BT 180


Led flood light


Led fountain Light

 3,000 5,800

Led garden bollard light-Fort


Led garden bollard light-York


Led garden pole/post lamp


Led hexagonal car garage light | detailing studio light | car wash light | hexagrid led light (7*12ft+15 hexagons)


Led in-ground recessed


Led Islamic name wall lamp


led light pole Listra


Led linear flood light

 6,500 20,500

Led linear hanging bar light


Led linear outdoor facade light


Led linear pixel facade light in warm/cool white and rgb color

 4,050 4,600

Led linear wall washer light


Led meteor fibre optic illuminator/ shooting star light engine


Led meteor shower rain lights/snow falling lights


Led motion sensored solar wall light-Char


Led multifunctional rechargeable 3 in 1 lamp


Led outdoor garden decorative waterproof lighting cube


Led outdoor String light

 5,500 10,000

Led outdoor up and down wall light


Led rgb addressable pixel light


Led RGB underwater swimming pool light


Led rope light 5mm-120 (3014)


Led round cylindrical wall light

 3,000 4,000

LED SMD Rope Light 8mm AC220V Waterproof IP67


Led step/deck light

 1,300 1,500

Led street light LSL-150


Led strip light 2835-8mm-120D


Led suspended rectangular linear lighting


Led thin under cabinet bar light with motion sensor


Led vintage arm folding metal lamp in brass colour


Led warm white/red/green/blue outdoor waterproof spike/spot light

 700 1,500

LED Waterflow effect Mini Controller With RF Control Panel


Led waterproof power supply

 3,200 6,800

Led wifi music controller


Low voltage waterproof led strip


Modern designed double head led wall light- SLIK


Modern led foldable metal study lamp


Modern led wall light


Modern led waterproof window light


Modern wall light-Zigar


Modern wood grain design golden metal study lamp


Modular touch wall light


Motion sensor strip light


Multi functional led solar wall light


Natural jute rope hanging light(bulb included)


Neon LED Rope Light -SMD2835


Nordic led indoor wall lamp


Nordic style metal hat lamp


One way ground/deck light


Outdoor cob Led spot light-B800


Outdoor Garden Post Lamp 3m


Outdoor Led garden spike light/ spotlight-K712

 2,000 3,200

Outdoor led rainproof power supply

 2,500 4,500

Outdoor solar led round globe spike light


Outdoor Waterproof Solar Powered Candle Hanging Lanterns


Palm tree led up and down ring spot lights


Pendant lamp-Trio


Pendant light-Romaso


Pineapple string light


PIR motion sensor 32 channels staircase induction controller


Portable solar system with fan and two bulbs and mobile charging option


Post top led garden light

 9,000 14,000

Recessed led linear bar light

 480 880

Recessed led linear bar light for cabinets


Rechargeable desk study lamp


Rectangular tower led bollard light


Retro Vintage Oversized Led Bulb Ct120


Rgb multicolor mobile control car interior light


RGB rhythm floor lamp


Rgb rope light 5050


RGBW led flood light


RGBW Led flood light dmx512 for building facade

 20,000 80,000

RGBW solar led spike planter light


Rustic style hemp rope pendant light


S14 shaped incandescent string light bulb


Side glow fibre optic cable


Silicon flexible profile for led strip light

 500 1,500

Silicon led light flexible recessed diffuser duct


Sky pattern starry stretch ceiling light


Smart interactive board


SMD led bulb

 150 1,050

SMD led Downlight


Smd led spike light-WS100


SMD round led open panel

 440 1,350

Solar bollard , Flying saucer


Solar bollard light-Misteo


Solar Flame Light


Solar flood light-SFL30


Solar garden Led induction wall light


Solar garden light UK-03


Solar ground/deck light


Solar hanging jar lamp


Solar led flood light- Sirius


Solar Led garden light


Solar Led gate/pillar light


Solar led outdoor pathway light


Solar post top led light-SPL30


Solar powered brick light


Solar powered fireworks led garden light


Solar powered vintage led wall lamp


Solar rechargeable decorative led pathway stake light


Solar round led bollard light


Solar spike light CL-5


Solar up and down rgb wall light


SP104e RF remote controller


SP108e LED Wifi Magic Controller


Sparkle flash point fibre optic cable


Surface mounted one way/two way ground spot light

 2,000 3,000

Swaying solar garden light


Swimming pool Led light


Tuya app BT control RGBW bulb compatible with google assistant and Amazon


Tuya app BT control RGB+CCT smd downlight


U-shaped surface mounted aluminium profile


UFO high-bay led light

 8,000 17,000

Vintage led oversized irregular shape A165 bulb


Wall mounted touch panel led controller-Single color RF touch panel controller


Waterproof adapter for swimming pool and fountain lights

 2,800 4,800

Waterproof led solar hanging mason jar


Waterproof metal gate/pillar light


Wedo Pendant lamp