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The use of modern recessed lighting- Dots & dashes at Evosol in blue area Islamabad

Evosol is a customer centric IT solution provider based in Islamabad. They were renovating the office. Client want to use the modern lighting products instead of traditional lighting products as per their work and minimalist design.

What we have offered them are the dots and dashes. Dots are ceiling downlights that offer discreet accent, general, and sometimes targeted task lighting. Dashes are seamless linear LED lighting systems recessed into ceilings.Dashes provide elegant ambient illumination, unique architectural accents, and occasionally task lighting.
Combine these two types of recessed lights together for a powerful, minimalist lighting design toolkit that achieves stunning results. Open up your space with endless possibilities — it’s time to start thinking differently.

At the main entrance 4 Dots of 2” recessed square panel and total no of  12 dashes- four no of 44″ , 2 no. of 37″, 4 no. of 32″and 2 no. of 24″ linear profile has been used. Linear profile width is 0.9 inch.

Inside the office area 8 Dots of 4” recessed square panel and total no of  4 dashes of 0.9 inches linear profile has been used in 72″,48″, 60″ and 42″  width.

Wattage of 3 inches panel is 2W and 4 inches is 6W. Linear light wattage is 10w/m.

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