Solar lighting project at a local farm house in Quetta Pakistan

Our client Mr. Farhan when making farm house in Quetta, researched for solar lights for his farm house. He was unsure about product delivery in Quetta, also had doubt on quality of products.

During the research, he researched many online websites to get lowest price offering with faster delivery services. And after all the research he chosen Newon. With the trust of Newon, he bought below products.

(1) UFO all-in-one solar garden light:

UFO all-in-one solar garden light features an all-in-one design. The solar panel and battery are built into the LED fixture.
Solar post top led pole light is a round fixture providing 360 degree light spread and that’s why used in places where light was required in 360 degree.

(2) All-in-one solar street light AIO-09:

All in one solar street light refers to the new generation solar led street light that integrated solar panel, battery and light source  into one unit. It’s been used at the parking lot area.

AIO-09 is the economical model available in Pakistani market.  It comes in hard plastic body with poly solar panel of  15W and lithium battery of 15,000mah in 3.2V. Its backup time is 7-8 hours.

(3) Solar flood light (SFL-30):

SFL30 is an economical solar flood light model available at Newon. It has a separate solar panel of 35W and a built-in battery of 30,000mah in 3.2V. It gives backup from 9-10 hours. It’s been used in the shade area and at the boundary walls for security purpose.

Newon is an online lighting source where you can find quality lighting products and services. Delivery available all across PAKISTAN. In case of any queries, you can contact us directly at 03439227883.

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