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Solar ufo pole lighting at parking area outside V Surfaces in Islamabad Pakistan

V Surfaces is a fastest growing home store in PAKISTAN offering rugs, home decor items and furniture etc. They have contacted us to provide solution for their parking area in front of the showroom at E-11 Islamabad which become darker at night.
The best solution was to use solar lights as it was costly and time consuming to do wiring for electric lights in cemented parking area. Solar lights not needed any electrical connections and wiring. So what we have suggested them is to solar ufo pole lights.

Solar ufo pole lights are All-in-one solar lights in ufo shape having built-in battery and solar panel. It’s best for the parking as it light spreads to all sides. The one we are using here has 25W solar panel in 6V and 24A battery in 3.2V. It charges during daytime and automatically switch on when darkness come.
4m high poles are installed at 7m distance from each other. Total number of 8 lights are installed to cover the whole area.


Newon is an online lighting store in PAKISTAN, which not only provide quality lighting products but help to provide solution which produces aesthetically beautiful effects and technical excellence.
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