Solar street light

Solar led flood lights for billboards in Pakistan

Billboards are large advertising structure located in outdoor, aims to build brands or promote the products. Billboards are typically placed on busy-traffic areas or along the road side to maximize attentions of pedestrians and drivers. Once pedestrians or drivers notice and read the advertisements on billboard, the investment is valuable. To attract the attention at night time it need proper illumination.

In Pakistan, usually the traditional flood lights are used which needed an electrical connection. Most of the time electrical connection is hard to find as billboards are usually installed at the highways. For the operation of lights one option is to take the power from far away connection which needed a kit of cable to be laid and the second option is to use  a generator. Both of these options results in high installation and operating cost.

To solve this problem, we recommend solar flood lights for billboard illumination. These solar flood lights are easy to install as it don’t need any electricity connection. It has an integrated battery and a separate solar panel. What just need is to connect the solar panel with the light and it will charge the battery at daytime and at night time will automatically lit off. It has remote control from which you can turn it off and on and also can do other setting like dimming and setting up time etc.

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