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Outdoor lighting at Kylix hotel and restaurant in Shogran Pakistan

Outdoor lighting is an opportunity to  dazzle your guests and show them that you care about their experience, the property, and their safety.

Newon is a lighting company which not only  provides a wide range of outdoor lighting products but also the installation services.

Kylix is a hotel and resturant located at Shogran. They provide us the opportunity to supply and install the exterior lights at the outdoor area. We are more than happy to show you the lighting done there by our team. Some of the lights used are as below;

1) String lights: It looks as if string lighting is here to stay, at least for another decade or so. String lights are installed at the entrance and bar b q area to add a sense of comfort, security, and warmth to the environment.

2) Tree lighting: To leverage the natural beauty of trees and to add more drama to the environment  snow falling led lights and fairy lights are installed in trees.

3) Solar flame lights: Flickering solar flame lights are installed at the side of walkways, since they’re so much fun to watch flicker every night. It doesn’t need any electricity connection and are very easy to install.

4) Rope light: Rope light is used to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings and create continuous illuminated borders.

5) Solar jars lights: Solar-powered jar lamps are placed at the outdoor tables to add a romantic and contemporary touch to the outdoor area.

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About Abdullah Nisar

After Joining a local subsidiary of Eglo lighting- Aar Global Pvt LTD in Pakistan. I came to know that lighting market in Pakistan lagged behind its neighbouring countries and there need a lot of efforts to bring new and improved products and services to market. Driven by the innovation in the field of lighting, founded, a new company-Newon.pk. Operating since 2016, committed to provide solutions for the challenges faced by lighting industry professionals. This allowed me to brought together a diverse and practical range of products for lighting applications. With a passion for creativity and innovation, I’m dedicated to bring all the lighting products online and educate our customers about how we can bring enhancement in living quality through lighting products.