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Led Vintage Bulbs And Its Types

Led vintage bulbs and it’s types

In this article, we will let you inform about led vintage bulbs and their different types. Along with this list, we will tell you about the unique features of these bulbs. So let’s get started.

#1. E27 BULB:

E27 is one of the most frequently used bulbs used in homes today. This bulb is famous for another name, “Edison bulb with large screw socket. It has a 27 millimeters screw socket. One of the appealing of this bulb is its convenient fitting and replacement. 

#2. CT120 BULB:    

Retro vintage oversized led bulb CT120 is one of the great bulbs engineered with deep care. These bulbs are uniquely designed to illuminate the surrounding with soft light. These bulbs are manufactured using the latest technology, hence consume less energy. A color temp of 3000K ensures warm white light. 

These are dimmable bulbs that are made with modern high efficiency LED technology and fantastic for atmospheric lighting. One of the impressive features of CT20 is less consumption of power that appeals to the consumers most. 

#3. A165 BULB:

A165 bulb is one of the stunning additions in lighting products that are engineered with innovative technology. It is a giant size bulb that looks beautiful and bold at the same time. It is a perfect pick for fixing over kitchen benchtops and hallways. With standard E27 screw fitting, A165 bulbs consume less power. These bulbs can conveniently perform at low temperatures. The average life span of A165bulb is 24 hours.

#4. BT180 BULB: 

These bulbs have been introduced to imitate the eye-catchy style of incredible revival in recent decades. With an antique look and warm glow of vintage reproduction, LED filament BT180 bulbs are ideal for fixing in restaurants, dining rooms, living rooms, cafes, bars, lobbies, and hotels. These are commonly known as oversized Edison-style antique bulbs that are ideal for decorating spacious surroundingsWith about 25000 hours of performance, BT180 bulbs diffuse approximately the same amount of light from a 60W halogen.

#5. S14 BULB:

S14 bulbs are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use.S14 bulbs have the quality to produce very soft white light and consume only 1.20 watts of energy. In Lamp shape, these bulbs look beautiful and energy-saving. These bulbs are used for decorative purposes. These are perfect to fit in amusement parks, signboards, and scoreboards. S14 bulbs are made with Shatterproof plastic, and it is effortless to fix these bulbs. 


You can find a variety of bulbs in different sizes from our shop at Islamabad or you can order us online at After reading this article, hopefully, you have gained sufficient knowledge about led vintage bulbs, their types, features, and usage. 

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