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9 Things To Consider Before Buying Led Solar Bollard Lights For Garden

solar bollard lights

Led solar bollard lights are ideal to fit for outdoor lighting and landscapes. These lights beautify the space, are environment friendly and are simple to use. One of the attractive features of solar bollard lights is it consumes less energy and easy to install.

Before buying solar lights for your garden, first read this buying guide thoroughly. This buying guide will help you know everything from power storage capacity to light output and average life.


Sunlight on a solar panel charges the battery during the day, and that stored energy is used to power the light after dark. The greater autonomy a solar light has, the longer it can remain lit without being charged.

Bottom-tier solar lights have cheap batteries, so they can only stay brightly lit for a few hours without direct sunlight. That might not be a problem in the tropics—where the sun shines consistently year-round—but it makes the lights completely ineffective anywhere else.

To be effective in the northern latitudes, solar lights need more autonomy. Better solar lights come with a high-capacity lithium battery and use their stored power more efficiently to stay lit during long periods of dark and stormy weather.


The power storage capacity of led solar bollard light is the most important factor to consider. 

If your chosen light has good solar power storage, it will take less time to fully charge. Hence provide superior performance. 


The luminous flux is an essential factor that needs to be considered. It means the amount of light output that a solar bollard provides. The luminous flux is measured in lumens. Low-quality solar lights offer dim light. At the same time, LED lights are excellent to provide maximum lumens with minimum power but only do much with a limited power source. If you buy low-cost performance, luminous flex produces 100 lumens, while efficient performing models produce over 120 lumens. 


Solar bollard lights provide light at different points of illumination throughout its distribution pattern. It means that light will appear more powerfully at a specific point of distribution than others, and different distribution patterns will deliver light at varying levels of intensity.


Usually lighting colour is measured in Degrees Kelvin with different temperatures. 

  • Led lights with lower Kelvin offers warm light
  • Led lights in 6000-7000 K range offers cold light
  • Lights with 4000-5000K offers a neural daylight-like

It is important to note that cooler temperature lights are more efficient than warmer ones.


These solar-powered colored outdoor lights need to install with a specific high or low-temperature tolerance. If there is an extremely hot or cold temperature, it would badly affect battery performance, and probably battery won’t be able to offer long-lasting performance.


A solar insolation is normally referred as the amount of sunlight that a solar light stores in one day. If a solar bollard light has a good storage capacity, it will operate within 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sun exposure, preferably in the middle part of the day. That means the bollards should not be subjected to any form of shade between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm.


Dark skies is an important factor for reducing light pollution. Many fixtures are manufactured to minimize light pollution by deflecting light where it is most beneficial. They are categorized as “cut-off” fixtures, which mean that less than 2.5% of the light output is allowed to escape the fixture above 90 degrees. Cut-off lights contribute positively to a site’s lighting performance, except in the areas required to be darkest, under the LEED rating system.


Led outdoor solar lights commonly offer two distribution patterns, i.e. symmetrical and asymmetrical.


Symmetrical pattern lights are normally used in landscapes and deliver light in a condensed and circular pattern.


Asymmetrical patterned lights are used to brighten walkways for safety purposes and deliver light in a narrow and elongated form.


I’ve told you things to consider before buying led solar bollard lights in Pakistan. This guide to buying solar lights will not only save your money but also your precious time.

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