Led Pole Light

Guide To Contemporary Led Pole Lights

Contemporary Led Pole Lights

Led pole street lights are an essential part of a street lighting system. These lights are installed on roads and streets to ensure safety against the risk of accidents and other uncertain situations.

These modern led pole lights are engineered with deep care to support multiple LED lights to brighten more of the surrounding areas. Led pole lights have a multi-facet functionality, so these lights illuminate the surroundings and enhance the beauty of the space simultaneously. 

Modern led pole lights are normally installed at parking lots, ample grounds, gardens and pedestrian walking areas. Here is a complete guide about these led pole street lights. These points should be considered while buying these pole street lights.


A contemporary led lighting is available in variable sizes. Concerned authorities are always assigned the task of determining the estimated height of the pole light according to the requirement of that area. After the survey authorities gathered sufficient knowledge, i.e the number of luminaries required for that pole, luminaire model and a number of poles, they will confirm pole height. Many manufacturers are manufacturing modern led pole lights with mounting heights ranging from 3-5 meters.


Led Pole lights are typically got fixed in outdoor areas. The concerned authorities need to collect data about the wind speeds of the particular regions. Once this data is gathered, it would become easy to install pole lights according to correct size. 


Considering the type of mounts is a foremost concern while fixing led pole lights. The type of mount depends on the usage. Mounts are vital components of a pole light where lights are going to be fixed. There are few types of mounts, i.e. direct mount, slip fitter mount, adjustable mount and universal mount. People typically use these mounts for fixing led pole lights.


Before installing Led pole lights, it is highly recommended to check the surrounding area. If the light is installed at coasts, then these may be prone to saltwater corrosion. While choosing let street pole lights, it is essential to use high-quality manufactured lights. Special anti-corrosive coatings can protect them.


Led street pole lights are of great importance. These lights consume less energy and provide long-lasting performance. For the quality performance of these lights, the manufacturer should keep in mind the durability and water resistance ability of these lights. These pole lights come in different price ranges. For quality pole lights you can visit Newon at Islamabad.

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