Garden Lighting Project At Dha Islamabad

lighting project at DHA Islamabad

Lighting for this project includes lights on hardscape and throughout the landscape. We tried to make sure that the evenings felt inviting but not glaring. Lighting fixtures are bollard lights, wall washers, neon rope lights, spotlights, floodlights, and wall lights. Various trees on the sides are up-lit with floodlights to have a sense of depth and security of the yard in the evening. We installed modern bollards to enjoy the open-air feel of the patio. Neon rope light and spotlights are used near the patio to dramatize the garden. At the bottom of the sidewall, patterns of light and shade are created with the use of wall washers. To keep the rhythm, wall lights are installed at side wall of the walkway to the garden. Warm color temperature lighting is done throughout the garden to maintain the natural tone.

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