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4 common lighting fixtures for architectural facade illumination of classical buildings

Facade lighting design is a creative way to make your building stand out from the crowd and create a distinct look. By strategically using lighting to highlight architectural features, one can create a beautiful and captivating display that will draw the attention of passersby.
With the right combination of light fixtures, colors, and effects, one can transform your building into a stunning beacon of style and sophistication.There are many creative solutions like wall washing, wall grazing and accentuating to explore when it comes to facade lighting design.

Below are some of the common lighting fixtures used for illumination of traditional building facades.Warm white-3000K are mainly used in classical buildings and monumental elements as it enhances the original plaster colour and texture of the building giving depth and appreciating its detailing.

1) Wall washers:

Wall washers are usually used to highlight the flat facade and illuminate larger objects using a wide beam of lights.
Wall washing is one of the technique done  with uniform illumination helps in better enhancement of the architecture of the wall surface. To achieve an efficient and attractive wall washing effect, you have to place the light fixture a bit far from the facade.

led wall wash lights outdoor
Wall grazing is the method of positioning the light fixture closer to the wall to highlight its texture and architectural character. The light fixtures are gradually placed at the ground, starting illumination from the bottom fading gradually towards the upward direction for mysterious and fascinating effects on surfaces.

2) Led Linear lights:

These refer to LED lights that come in tubular form. Linear lights are ideal for highlighting the outline of buildings. It’s also used in modern building facade illumination. These lines can either be horizontal or vertical, depending on what suits the building best. In modern buildings facades multiple led linear lights are placed next to each other to generate a media facade.

3) led narrow beam lights:

When the facade of a structure has vertical divisions, it’s best to highlight these by using narrow beams from the ground. It can achieved by using narrow beam spotlights, floodlights and buried up-lights.

4) led window light:

Repetitive rows of windows are high-lit using window lights of a light spread of 360 degrees to give a visual repetitive hierarchy of light. It illuminate all places surrounding the light. Its also best option  for illuminating arches and corridor etc.

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