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A short video of string lights installed at different restaurants and cafes all across Pakistan

In this video we have compiled short clips sent by our valuable customers from restaurants and cafes including #secretsky #laterraza #haweli #pranzo. We have supplied string lights to them, adding a romantic vibe to their outdoor sitting area. We wish to all of them best of luck!

If you own a resturant or bar that has an outdoor seating area you can also increase the ambiance with the string lights.

We have string lights available in two lengths, 16ft string with 10 led bulbs and 32ft string with 20 led bulbs. Both the bulbs and strings have IP65 rating and best for both indoor and outdoor use.



About Abdullah Nisar

After Joining a local subsidiary of Eglo lighting- Aar Global Pvt LTD in Pakistan. I came to know that lighting market in Pakistan lagged behind its neighbouring countries and there need a lot of efforts to bring new and improved products and services to market. Driven by the innovation in the field of lighting, founded, a new Operating since 2016, committed to provide solutions for the challenges faced by lighting industry professionals. This allowed me to brought together a diverse and practical range of products for lighting applications. With a passion for creativity and innovation, I’m dedicated to bring all the lighting products online and educate our customers about how we can bring enhancement in living quality through lighting products.

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