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Benefits of switching to solar lights in outdoor areas

Wether its a residential area or a commercial space, owners are always looking to save on monthly expenses, while maintaining their goal to keep surroundings safe and secure.
The grid powered outdoor lighting is a game of yesterday due to so many vulnerabilities in it. It involves high installation and maintenance cost. By replacing conventional exterior lights with solar lights can retain the same level of brightness for increased safety and security while saving money and energy at the same time.

Our outdoor solar lights- solar bollards, all-in-one solar street lights, all-in-two solar street lights, solar flood lights and solar post top led pole lights are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. It offer various advantages over outdated electrical lighting. Let’s take a look at some of those advantages.

1)  Cost effective – The most obvious reason to switch to solar lights is their cost effectiveness. Since solar lights use light from the sun for its operation, it is independent of the power grid. The cost is much lower as compared to electricity costs.

2) Go Green – The solar lights are an environment friendly way of lighting up the streets. They use clean energy from the sun which makes the community more sustainable as a whole while using the sun as a free for their working, hence there is no pollution and more energy saving.

3) Safe and hassle free – Unlike the conventional street lights, there are no wires associated with the solar street lights and so there is less risk of accidents. Solar lamps can be installed in minutes.

4) Low Maintenance – The maintenance associated with solar lights are very less as compared to the other street lights. Besides a quick and easy battery replacement once every three to five years, there is no maintenance required. The renewable energy source of the sun will charge up the solar lights during the day, and the solar lamps will turn on at night when the light is needed. 

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