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Comparison between initial cost of conventional and solar street lights in Pakistan

This blog is about the comparison of the initial cost/installation cost between conventional and solar street lights. Based on the quotations of  initial cost provided to a public university, considering to install new  light poles. Operation and maintenance cost will be discussed later in a separate blog.

We have visited the site and proposed them two light solutions as per the site requirements. Total of 15 light poles will be installed each at a distance of 30m. For easy maintenance work customer demanded a pole of height 15m. Electric grid power is 50m away from the site. As the customers in Pakistan are most familiar with the conventional wired street lighting system using from the last decade. So the first solution provided is of traditional led street lights. But due to increasing cost of electricity  and growing demand of renewable energy, second solution of solar street lights is also provided. Stay tuned to learn the initial  cost comparison of these two.

1) Initial cost of traditional led street lights:

Initial cost of traditional led street lights

The total initial cost of implementing conventional or traditional led street lights is shown in figure above. The cost of traditional led street light is lower then the solar street lights. But to source for power, the traditional street light has to connect to a typical power grid, and to do this involves carrying out a series of underground wiring and trenching. Carry out the calculations of the wire and labor cost associated with these exercises will require to pay around 15 lacs for the whole 15 light poles. When sum up the total cost of installation of one light pole and making it fully functional, it come close to one lac and 66 thousand on the average.

2) Initial cost of solar street lights:

As shown in the figure above the cost of solar street light fixture is higher than the traditional led street light as it included all the components-light source, solar panel and battery that make up the whole solar  street light. However, the overall cost of 15  solar street light poles is 17 lacs which is still lower than that of the traditional led street lights.


It is cleared from the above initial cost comparison between traditional led and solar street lights that  solar street light has not only lifetime cost saving but also an initial cost saving edge over traditional lights. In total, 15 light poles of solar lights cost around 17 lacs as compared to the 25 lacs of  traditional led street lights.

If you have any queries about street lighting system, checkout the range of both traditional led street lights and solar street lights  available with us. The dedicated team at Newon works with you to create a custom street lighting system that’s unique to your property.


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