Solar street light

Solar street lights and it’s types

With the advancement of technology Solar Street lights have been evolved. These street lights are the lighting sources powered by solar panels. Solar panels are mostly mounted on the pole or lighting structure but are now integrated into the light.

Now Solar Street Lights are available with most advanced features. Let me share with you some of the commonly used Solar Street Lights.

Sometimes, solar panels recharge the grid system called the grid inherited solar system. On the other hand, when solar panels charge the rechargeable battery then it called the off-grid solar system.

Each street light can have its solar panel installed or solar panels installed at the Central location and from their power supply to each street light.

All-in-one solar street light with built-in battery and solar panel is getting popular because of its compact design.

Solar street lights are getting smarter day by day. Sensors are being used to be energy efficient. Also, the network controlling devices are used these days from which all the data, like power consumption, battery performance, etc., can be monitored.

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