Led Addressable Lights & Controllers, Project

Led strip light with chasing effect fixed inside silicon tube profile installed on slatted wall panel at a private residence in Bahria town Islamabad

Led strip lights and profiles come in many shapes, sizes, and depths, and can be installed in different ways on different surfaces.

Here we are talking about two main things being used at this project; first silicon tube profile and second led strip light with chasing effect.

Flexible Silicon Linear Profile For Strip are empty silicon tubes in which you can fix led strips. They have an inbuilt diffuser. Due to its flexibility it bents freely and can be used in many different ways.

With the use of running led strip plus controller we achieves dynamic light effects of different kinds kinds like water flow modes, water flowing from both ends to the middle, water flowing from the middle to both ends, meteor trailing, chasing horses, etc

Led strips with water flow/chasing/running led effect are fixed inside the silicon profile 2020mm and then installed at 20mm empty space in between lines on slatted wall panel.

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After Joining a local subsidiary of Eglo lighting- Aar Global Pvt LTD in Pakistan. I came to know that lighting market in Pakistan lagged behind its neighbouring countries and there need a lot of efforts to bring new and improved products and services to market. Driven by the innovation in the field of lighting, founded, a new company-Newon.pk. Operating since 2016, committed to provide solutions for the challenges faced by lighting industry professionals. This allowed me to brought together a diverse and practical range of products for lighting applications. With a passion for creativity and innovation, I’m dedicated to bring all the lighting products online and educate our customers about how we can bring enhancement in living quality through lighting products.