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Led Street lighting at special ecnomic zone Rashakai 

We have recently worked at Rashakai special ecnomic zone with CRBC to lit up those areas of the special ecnomic zone which are near completion and different industries will be relocating there shortly. 

The areas included 10m wide main roads, 8m wide link roads, main gate entrance area and parking lot.

For main road we have suggested pole of height 10m and led cob street light of 100W.

At the link road 8m high pole has been used with 50W cob led street light.

50w cob led street light at 8m pole

12 meter high pole has been used at the main entrance gate with 3 flood lights of 150W installed at the top.

150W flood lights at 12m pole

Traditional style single head Led pole light with 40 watt led bulb has been used at the parking lot.

Traditional style single head led pole light with 40W bulb

If you have any lighting projects that you’d like to discuss – large or small – then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your LED requirements and offer friendly sound advice.

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