Fibre optic star ceiling lights installation in gypsum ceiling

Installation can be done under suspended ceilings, plasterboard, wood or gypsum ceiling. We are doing it in already installed gypsum ceiling in order to save cost.
1)Installation process started from measuring the dimensions of the ceiling and the no.of fibres needed.
2)First the design is drawn at the graph paper and then crisscrossing is done at the ceiling.
3)Holes are drilled in the ceiling.
4)And then fibres are threaded carefully through the drilled holes.
5)Zip ties and glue is used to fasten the bunched up cables.
6)Fibre bundle is connected to the illuminator/light source. There are many types of illuminator having different features. The one we are here have RGBW and twinkle effect.
7)It’s not the final look. Extra hanging fibres from the fibres needed to be cut down and also the rope light need to be installed at the sides of ceiling. Another complete video will be uploaded soon after the final touch.
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