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Difference Between Led Strip Light And Led Wall Washers:

Difference Between Led Strip Light And Led Wall Washers

Led strip light and Led wall washer look like same, but both lights have differences. These both lights create the same mesmerizing effect and have white or RGBW colors but still are different; how? In this blog post, we’ll let you know the difference between led strip lights and led wall washers.


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  • Led strip lights are flexible that can be easily rolled on a reel.
  • These lights are tiny and thin and can be used anywhere.
  • You can use these lights in homes, jewelry counters, bars, clubs, cafes, and residential areas.
  • These lights demand maximum power of 25 watts.
  • Led strip lights come with different lengths up to 5m and have cut points up to 25mm.
  • Led strip lights have a non-adjustable 120-degree wide beam angle.
  • Led strip lights are widely used to outline the buildings or make a digital screen.
  • These lights are great for illuminated in indoor spaces.
  • Led strip lights are not waterproof and have low power.

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led wall wash lights outdoor
  • Led wall washer lights are more powerful, with maximum 96 watts.
  • These lights are more flexible than Led strip lights.
  • These lights are available with a fixed length of 0.5 m to 1 m.
  • Led wall washer lights are brighter than led strip lights.
  • Led wall washer lights are powerful and waterproof lights.
  • Led wall washer lights are suitable to fix on building with 5m height or more.
  • These lights are ideal for installing in hotels, entertainment venues, bars, and restaurants.
  • These lights are great to fix on external walls.
  • Led wall washer light illuminates a wider area than led strip lights.
  • These lights are best for outdoor use.


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