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Advantages and applications of flexible led wall washer lights

A flexible wall washer is a product with bending and contouring to match the shape of any architectural element, allowing for seamless integration into various spaces.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of flexible wall washer lights and how they can be used.

1) Flexibility and cuttability:

As the name suggests, flexible wall washer lights are highly versatile and adaptable. You can adjust the led products to suit different lighting needs and settings, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Also the flexible led wall can be cutted with a unit of 12.5CM, which effectively solves the troublesome problem of customizing many different lengths in the installation process of many special-shaped buildings, and makes the dead corner of the light almost completely disappear.

2) Cost effectiveness:

Flexible wall washers are cost effective as compared to traditional wall washers. Comparing the cost of both there is a difference of 30-40% as It is small in size, low in transportation cost, convenient for workers to install on-site, and the construction progress is fast.

3) Energy efficiency:

Flexible wall washer lights are also energy efficient. They use LED technology, which has low energy consumption and long lifespan. This means that they can provide high-quality lighting while consuming less energy than traditional lighting fixtures.


It is suitable for  commercial places, subways, elevated overpasses, building exterior walls, architectural landmarks, and other internal and external walls.


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